Thursday, June 17, 2010

2014 Corvette Caravan - Letter from the Chair

Many thanks to all of you who have already sent your best wishes and offers of help. All support is greatly appreciated. I most certainly will be soliciting your assistance, advice, and action in the days and months to come.

Although the next caravan is four years away, the time will pass so rapidly we will wonder why all the planning didn’t start in 2009. With that certainty in mind, I have set the following goals for completion by the end of this year. I want to have all the caravan segments identified and the captains for each assigned.

So, how do we get there by Christmas? First, I am soliciting inputs from all those who would like to captain a caravan segment in 2014, both past and future captains. If you felt like your area of the country was not served by an authorized caravan and you think an added segment is warranted, let me know. If you are a past captain and wish to assume the task again, let me know. If you weren’t a captain on the last caravan, but would like to lead a group this time, let me know. In other words, to paraphrase the rum commercial, “calling all caravan captains”. Please let me know your telephone number when responding. Once the captains have been installed, we can begin to massage the routes. Not down to the rest stops, but the overall plan to ensure we have optimized all the routes.

The traffic pattern from the past caravan will be the basis for the one in 2014. Some additions, deletions, and modifications may occur, but in general, not much will differ from that successful event. I do want to review all the past routes so I am familiar with how the segments were connected.

Having been involved in the organizing and funding of two caravans, I know all the hard work is done by the caravan captains and their local teams. My job will be to help make that task as trouble free as possible and keep everyone informed, on a timely basis, of the caravan status. In addition, the NCM will be streamlining the registration process and further reducing the workload of the captains. I solicit all participants to join in and help support your captain. It is a huge task to raise funds, book venues, publish route books, time daily routes, etc. Please volunteer and become part of the caravan process. You won’t be sorry.

This caravan will mark the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the museum and the silver anniversary of its conception. We have the opportunity to make it the largest and best caravan ever. All we need is an abundance of new ideas and a ton of hard work.

You can contact me at I promise to get back to you within a 24 hour period. One exception, I will be out of the country from June 8 until June 27. If I can reach a computer, I’ll get back to you during this time.

Paul Mariano
National Chair
2014 NCM Caravan