Wednesday, May 4, 2011

General Motors Announces C7 to be Built in Bowling Green, Kentucky

The General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant was packed full of community and state leaders, GM officials, media and supporters of Corvette today in hopes of good news with regards to the future of Corvette and Bowling Green. It was good news indeed as GM North American President Mark Reuss took to the podium and announced their plans to invest $131 million in the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, "This facility is particularly thrilling for me to be at because I've had Corvettes, in fact, Corvette is one of the reasons why I went to work for the company a long time ago," said Reuss.

"It's a thrill for me to be here today in Bowling Green as the bearer of good news at one of our very best facilities building" our most iconic car," Reuss said. "When I say our most iconic car, I really mean America's most iconic car."

Reuss then cut to the chase and made the announcement everyone had been hoping for, "I'm here to announce that GM will invest $131 million in Kentucky to ensure that the next generation Chevrolet Corvette will be produced by this team, in this plant, in Bowling Green - the Home of Corvette.

Reuss's announcement was met by resounding applause, cheers and a standing ovation

"Thank you to you because you are the reason and the quality and the innovation and the craftmanship that happens here is a direct reflection of our re-investment, but more importantly as much money as that is, we really are adding about 250 jobs to the area..."

Reuss said the current generation will continue for about two more years while work happens behind the scenes work will begin to update the facility and ensure the Corvette will continue to be the true American sports car built here for many years to come. The C7 model is predicted to be debuted Spring of 2013 for a 2014 model year Corvette.

"As you know Bowling Green is a special place and not just to me and to GM but to Corvette lovers around the world. This place is THE mecca for those who appreciate true affordable sports car performance and they come from the four corners of the globe to see what you do here," said Reuss. "It is amazing and it is inspiring and it is very American. "

Reuss added that they come to see the birthplace of the American car that holds it own against Porsche, Ferarri, BMW and the rest of the legendary European sports car makers, both on the street and on the track. "They come to see how on earth Americans can build such a car... a car that meets and beats the best in the world, and the world has to offer, although typically the world has to offer theirs at a MUCH higher price point."

Reuss praised the craftsmanship of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, that the plants in Italy wish they could match. He added that though GM boasts the Corvette getting 27 miles per gallon, that he had a Corvette in school and would get better than that - 29 miles per gallon from Detroit to Nashville. "Like the ad says, you are building rockets."

"Unlike any other facility in North America your doors are open to our customers who make pilgrimmages to Bowling Green to see their car being built, meet the people, and visit the National Corvette Museum." Reuss also praised the Museum pointing out that it is not funded by General Motors. "I'm one of the lovers of the Museum and the heritage of Corvette and this state means a lot to me personally."

Reuss closed his presentation saying "Tadge and the team are doing the next generation Corvette and it will thrill all of the sports car drivers of the future and it will be built right here." He added that this is just one of their ongoing investments of billions of dollars in their US facilities, keeping and creating jobs for their American workers.

Later in the presentation Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear named Reuss a Kentucky Colonel, presenting him with a framed certificate and mint julep cup.

Watch a complete video of Reuss's speech on the National Corvette Museum's You Tube channel at High res images are also available for download at: