Thursday, August 25, 2011

National Corvette Museum Launches Audio Tour

Tour Enhances Visits to the Museum with Information and Stories

The National Corvette Museum now offers an audio tour to accompany self-guided tours through the Museum. The audio tour is 45 minutes in length and can be downloaded to any MP3 device through the Museum's website free of charge, or visitors may rent an MP3 player at the Museum for only $5 each.

“'The audio tour will greatly enrich visitors' experiences as they navigate through our seven sections of the Museum: Gateway, Nostalgia, Performance, Engineering & Design, Enthusiast, Skydome/Hall of Fame and Exhibit Hall,” said Katie Frassinelli, Marketing and Communications Manager at the National Corvette Museum.

Listeners will hear how Corvette got its name, where Harley Earl got the idea for "Project Opel," why the Corvette emblem was changed at the last minute and how Bill Mitchell's paint shop guys got the car to match the shark.

Susan West Woodard, Program Director of Christian Family Radio in Bowling Green, loaned her vocal talents by recording the tour for the Museum. "The Museum has a lot of sights and ambient sounds in the different exhibits, so we felt Susan's voice would be a fantastic complement to the excitement already in place," added Katie.

The audio tour is currently available in English and can be rented at the Museum's admissions counter or downloaded here.