Friday, December 6, 2013

Helmintollers Donate Track-Ready Z06

The NCM Motorsports Park continues to gain traction, and not just with regard to the construction, rentals and overall interest.  The Museum has now received a third track-worthy Corvette donation in just over a week.

“The track… wow.  This car is perfect for that.  It’s nearly a full blown race car,” said Kevin Helmintoller of Land O’ Lakes, Florida about his 2001Mallett Hammer Z06.  “I really wasn’t using this car very much… and if I were to sell it, someone would just tear it up.  If it were to run on the NCM track it would be all good.”
Kevin and wife Linda purchased the car from Kerbeck Chevrolet in June of 2001.  The Mallett Hammer conversion was completed in June 2002 – build number 009 of all ever built as this was the first year of the Z06.  Since the conversion, Greg Lovell, owner of AntiVenom LSX Performance in Seffner, FL, has added many performance mods, including a one of one AV436 conversion.  The car’s motor boasts approximately 700hp and 575 torque at the flywheel.
The car has a run best of 10.6 seconds at 128 mph in the quarter mile… and Kevin acknowledges that while it isn’t much by today’s standards it’s not bad for a Corvette that really isn’t set-up for drag racing, and lacks today’s sophisticated engine management and launch control systems.  The car participated in a one mile top speed event – where cars go from a dead stop to one mile using radar and GPS speed measurement.  It ran a 178 on radar, 181 on GPS (without the hood, which had buckled on a previous run, and in 120 degree track temp with 100% humidity) netting it the cover of GM High Tech magazine.  But Kevin is quick to add that this car is not just a track rat… it was a full participant in the 50th anniversary Caravan from Stamford, CT to Bowling Green, KY and Kevin and Linda drove it eight hours up to the Museum for the donation!
“We donated this car to the Museum to help with the continued growth, but also think she could be a good vehicle for training other drivers at the new Motorsports Park, and to give some 9/10ths passenger rides.”  Kevin added that donating her also makes him feel like the car will still be a part of him.
Kevin and Linda are Lifetime Members of the Museum and have participated in several R8C Museum Deliveries, including a 2008 delivery of a 2009 ZR1 – one of eight Corvettes they have owned.