Thursday, July 3, 2014

1974 Corvette Donated to Museum

Paul Marseglia from Franklin, Mass. has loved Corvettes for a long time. Growing up he didn’t really care about school or sports, his main interest has always been cars.  When a friend bought a used 1959 Corvette though, his attention turned to America’s sports car. “Gas was cheap back then, so we went riding in it all the time. I had to have one after that.”

In 1969 Paul got a 1958 that needed restoration. “It was a ten year old car that needed everything,” Paul says. Although Paul was a skilled mechanic and loved working on cars, the process was long and painstaking enough to where the idea of having a new one was getting more appealing all the time. “Coincidentally my brother was interested in Corvettes at the same time, so we end up getting two new 1974s.”

He’s had it ever since.

When asked why he’s had it for so long he smiles, “I like it. I like everything about it. Every generation of Corvette that has come out I’ve liked, but not enough to trade in my 1974 or buy a new one and hold on to the old one.”

Being  a mechanic, it was not a problem changing the fluids every year. He kept it out of the rain, and took care of the leather seats, treating them so they’d always be like new. He kept a log book to keep track of the work he had done, and tried to keep it as close to original as possible. After four decades of ownership though, he began to think that maybe it was time for someone else to take care of her. But who?

“I’m a founding member of the Museum so I know that people donate their Corvettes. I figured that was the best thing to do… to take it somewhere for other people to enjoy, and for other people to take care of.  I don’t want to sell it locally and see it getting beat up or neglected by somebody. I wanted it to go to someone who would take care of it.  I get emotional when it comes to my cars.”

Paul touches the car as guests come around to look at it. A member of the Museum passes by and says, “What a nice addition to our collection.”

Paul breaks out in a smile. “That makes me feel good to hear that. It makes it worth it.”