Thursday, March 12, 2015

Museum Member Donates Cars for Kids

Museum Lifetime Member and Master Ambassador Marty Dooley of St. Louis, MO has been collecting toy Corvettes since he was a boy - and now he's sharing his toys with other kids.
"While visiting the Museum I saw a lot of kids there, and after asking what was going on I learned that the Museum was hosting Vette Camp for kids to learn about the cars," said Marty. "Thinking of all the Hot Wheel type Corvette cars I had at home and no longer needed, I asked if I could donate them to the NCM so the kids could have a little remembrance of their camp day."

Marty gathered up his cars, about 200 total, and brought them on he and wife Judy's next visit to the Museum. Education Coordinator Kellie Steen says the cars will be very much appreciated and enjoyed by the kids. "This will be our sixth year of offering camps for children, and I know the cars will be a huge hit!" Steen said.

The National Corvette Museum hosts a number of educational camps and activities throughout the year. To learn more, visit: