Friday, June 26, 2015

Chevrolet Releases 2015 Corvette Final Model Counts

While the last Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Bowling Green, KY just over a week ago (Wednesday, June 17 to be exact), Chevrolet has already shared with us their final model year counts for the 2015 Corvette. Corvette sales were down 8% from 2014 (37,288 vs 34,240), but model year 2015 was shorter than 2014 which would account for the dip.

The Museum delivered 1,049 of the 2015 model year cars, the 2nd highest number of Corvettes delivered when compared to Chevrolet Dealerships, and as Harlan Charles, Chevrolet Corvette Product Manager said, "If you were your own country, you would be 3rd after the US and Canada."

Let's take a look at some of the stats:

Stingray Coupes were the most popular model with 60.6%, followed by Z06 Coupes at 20.4%, Stingray Convertibles at 14.1% and Z06 Convertibles at 4.9%.

The 2LT Package was the most popular for the Stingray with 42% of the models having it, but Z06 buyers preferred the 3LT, boasting 69% with that option.

The Z51 Performance Package was another popular option with 53% of buyers opting for it while the Z07 option was added to only 39% of the Z06s.

At the April 2014 Bash at the National Corvette Museum, Chevrolet revealed two new appearance packages: Atlantic and Pacific. If you went with either package - you now have a pretty rare Corvette as only 17 Corvettes are optioned with Atlantic, and 97 with Pacific.

Automatics once again took the top spot with 68% of Corvette buyers selecting a paddle shift transmission. The Z06 for the first time gave buyers the chance to option the performance Corvette with an automatic, and 48% of buyers did so. 90% of Corvette buyers also added Performance Exhaust.

Black wheels took the cake for both Stingray and Z06 models with 36% of Stingrays optioned with Painted Black ZF1/Z51 wheels, and 54% with Black Z06 wheels (note: the Stingray offered a wider selection of wheels than the Z06). Red calipers were also popular, with 54% of Corvettes having them.

Black was also popular inside the car with 45% of Corvettes having Black Leather Interior. 82% of the convertibles had a black top. GT seats were also popular being used in 86% of the cars.

And finally, the exterior colors. Arctic White took top honors with 18.9% or 6,461 of the cars followed by Torch Red (16.4% or 5,625 cars); Shark Gray (15% / 5,130); Black (15% / 5,128); Laguna Blue (8.8% / 3,015); Crystal Red (6.4% / 2,191); Velocity Yellow (6% / 2,065); Blade Silver (5.2% / 1,791); Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange (each with 4.1% or 1,417 cars per color). Of course if you add together the two "reds" you get 23% which would then make red the most popular.

To download the complete list of final counts for the 2015 model year, click here.

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