Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Corvette Museum Staff Join "One Acre Club"

Museum Team Demonstrates Support of Project with $15,000 Commitment

For just over a year the National Corvette Museum has offered a unique sponsorship opportunity for those wanting to play a role in helping to build the Motorsports Park. By participating in the “One Acre Club,” individuals, groups, clubs and businesses can help raise funding for the project, one acre at a time.

At the May National Corvette Museum staff meeting, development assistant Virginia Crump brought an idea to the group. She proposed the staff coming together to purchase an acre.
“During the Winner’s Circle celebration dinner, I was so impressed with Doug Fehan’s talk. The group of donors he was speaking to have a powerful influence on others, which if that power was utilized, could have an enormous impact on the reality of the Motorsports Park,” Virginia said. “Then, when individuals started coming forward to make their one-acre commitments, I felt like we as an employee group could make a powerful statement to others by buying an acre!”
Virginia proposed at the staff meeting that individuals could sign up for payroll deductions, spread out over a period of time, or make a one-time donation. Staff members felt this was a great idea and signed up to commit. At the June staff meeting Virginia announced that we were just shy of the $15,000 mark so some staff stepped up and agreed to pitch in more – bringing the total to $15,000.

“I’m so thrilled that we DID IT!” Virginia added. A total of 34 staff members stepped up to the plate to become a part of the “One Acre Club.”

Currently the “One Acre Club” Campaign has a total of 27 full acres committed, 2 half acres and 8 quarter acres. The “One Acre Club” promotion ends December 31, 2011 and affords full acre participants the choice of receiving track time in exchange for their contribution, or they can be recognized as donor members and receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. All full acre participants receive an honorary “deed” for their acre.

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