Monday, June 6, 2011

ZR-1 Net Registry Joins “One Acre Club”

Organization Helps Further the Motorsports Park Fundraising Campaign with $15,000 Commitment

In December 2008, the ZR-1 Net Registry kicked off what would become a friendly rivalry between themselves and the Grand Sport Registry by purchasing a quarter acre as part of the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park fundraising campaign. Three years later that rivalry is in full force as the group presented a check for $15,000 to the Museum at this year’s C4/ZR-1 Gathering, making their total contribution to date 1-1/4 acres.

“We were challenged by the Grand Sport Registry, and I challenged myself and other members of the ZR-1 Net Registry to upgrade our quarter acre. I said ‘we can do better.’” Dave "Mom" Bright, founder and driving force behind the nonprofit organization said.

The Grand Sport Registry had presented a check to the Museum at the 2010 C4/ZR-1 Gathering, paying off a full acre as part of the campaign.

The registry actually started out as two separate organizations – the ZR-1 Net and the ZR-1 Registry, but in 2005 they officially became the ZR-1 Net Registry. The group has over 600 members worldwide and is registered as a nonprofit organization.

Dave "Mom" said his group is very excited about the park, “You can’t build it quick enough!” Dave added that they come down every year for the Gathering and enjoy participating in drag racing and autocross – but that the weather is unreliable. “You will be there for a three-day event, and maybe the day you are scheduled for drag racing its raining, but one of the other days the weather might be ok but can't reschedule. When you own the track, you have the flexibility of changing around the event at the last minute whereas now you can’t.”

Currently the “One Acre Club” Campaign has a total of 26 full acres committed, 2 ½ acres and 8 ¼ acres. The “One Acre Club” promotion ends December 31, 2011 and affords participants the choice of receiving track time in exchange for their contribution, or they can be recognized as donor members and receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. All full acre participants receive an honorary “deed” for their acre.

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